World Fintech day LATVIA

2017年12月7日 @ 4:30 PM – 7:10 PM
FINOLAB(東京都千代田区大手町1-6-1 大手町ビル4F)

FINOLABでは、国内スタートアップの海外展開や海外スタートアップの日本進出のサポートを行なっており、「World FinTech Day」はこうした活動趣旨に基づき、海外各国のFinTechに関連した情報を提供することを目的に開催しています。

日時 :2017年 12月 7日(木)16:30 ~
主催 :ラトビア共和国大使館/FINOLAB
言語 :英語


16:00 Door Open
16:30 Opening Remarks FINOLAB Representative
16:35 Greeting by H.E.Māris Kučinskis, Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia
16:45 Introduction of IT sector, presentations by the Latvian companies:
Latvian blockchain association
“Latvia – the ideal hub for Blockchain development “
     Kaspars Rekis(co-founder Board member)
“Hybrid Public/Private Cross-Chain Solutions”
     Anatoly Ressin (CEO)
Globitex Holding
“Globitex Role in the New Fintech Economy”
     Liza_Aizupiete(Co-Founder and the Managing Director)
“European IT & Blockchain solutions”
     Normunds Kvilis (CEO, Co-founder)
“Printful & The Rise of E-commerce”
     Krisjanis Ozols,(Business Development & Partnerships)
Beads Games
“The Bead Game – A decentralized game self-publishing ecosystem empowered by smart contracts”
     Martins Jansons(Founder)
17:35 Q&A
“Finding Success in Latvia – International Companies Successfully Operating in Latvia” by Zabbix Japan
     URL: and  PINS Japan  URL:
18:00 Q&A
18:05 Introduction of other participating companies from Latvia
     Apply Ltd. URL:
     SWH Sets URL:
     Catchbox URL:
18:25 Closing Remarks followed by Networking
18:30 B2B meetings
19:10 Door Close


Kaspars Rekis
Latvian blockchain association
co-founder Board member
Kaspars is a co-founder of the Latvian Blockchain association. He has graduated from a university in the United Kingdom and obtained professional experience working at the Bank of England and international consulting company Deloitte. Kaspars supports cooperative movement and believes blockchain technology has the potential to make finance and business more open and inclusiv.


Anatoly Ressin
Blockvis CEO
Anatoly has a strong background in software development, working as a core developer and in senior software development positions. He is currently the CEO of BlockVis, a company involved in organizing blockchain competence and education opportunities and structuring the blockchain market in Latvia and abroad. He has co-founded several companies in his career including Fastr, a reading-training application development firm, and AssistUnion which builds intelligent and performing web-enabled systems. Anatoly obtained his M.Sc. in computer science from Transport and Telecommunication Institute in 2004.


Globitex Holding
Co-Founder and the Managing Director
Liza Aizupiete is a Co-Founder and the Managing Director of Globitex – a global institutional grade Bitcoin exchange platform.She is a professional in asset management with wide experience in trading commodity spot and derivatives markets in mainland China and globally. Liza is a BA major in Philosophy from the Swiss Université de Genève and passionate about the Austrian school of economics.


Normunds Kvilis
CEO, Co-founder
Prior to focusing on Neapnika, Normunds acquired a master’s degree in economics and was an analyst in a leading Scandinavian bank, focusing on financial market analysis and investment opportunities. Later, he took on the role of an IT project manager, with the focus on leading developer teams towards a bank merger. Currently, he is leading the first company in Latvia that focuses on creating blockchain solutions.


Krisjanis Ozols,
Business Development & Partnerships
Krisjanis (Chris) Ozols is Head of Business Development and Partnerships at His main role is to implement strategies that foster growth and increase Printful’s effectiveness. This is done by maintaining existing relationships and building new ones with important partners, as well as researching new markets for possible expansion. Currently, Printful’s focus has switched to Asian markets, which is what brings Krisjanis to Japan. His previous experience is in corporate communication, gained in both the private and public sectors in Europe.


Martins Jansons
Beads Games
A futurist & information society researcher, the chairman of the Collective Intelligence Research Center based at the University of Latvia. Also the founder and innovator at MediAwake in Riga and Adepts Creative Industries in London. Currently one of his projects is The Bead Game that as an ecosystem is becoming an evolutionary step-stone for tangible games. He believes that playfulness is a natural state of our mind, he is a professional DJ and loves to discover the time secrets of the Mayan cosmic calendar